Lazy Granite™ is a patent-pending countertop kits system of granite tiles that include an oversized bullnose edge to provide the dimensional depth of A 1 inch slab on standard 3/8 inch thick tiles. Each tile component includes micro-beveled edges on non-finished sides that minimize seams and grout lines.

countertop kits

The countertop kits system includes several other innovative types of tile that help minimize the install time and cutting needs for your project.  It offers Long Corner pieces with rounded bullnose on 2 sides, making it simple to finish off any open sided cabinet.  The system also offers 24″ x 4″ backsplash tiles with an ogee profile along the top edge for a seamless look in any space.

Lazy Granite™ countertop kits were designed to be simple enough to install by the homeowner. If you’ve installed tile, you can install Lazy Granite™.