We've been shipping stone for nearly a decade. You are more likely to break a tile while cutting than during shipping. For that reason you MUST order some extra. The shipment is insured. When you receive your crate you'll see a warning to inspect the contents before signing off on it. If anything is damaged mark it on the delivery receipt. Remember you're cutting numerous tiles. If a couple tiles come chipped, cut those first. You can almost always make use of broken pieces. If we need to replace a broken piece, we ship it to you by UPS. We'll check the delivery receipt and ask you to send us a picture. This scenario is rare. We want to make sure you know the entire process before ordering.

The Lazy Granite tile system was designed with one thing in mind... Laziness.  It's many cleverly designed tile types make installing the counter of your dreams incredibly simple. The tools needed to install Lazy Granite are the same tools you would use to install any other type of tile.  You will need a bucket for mixing your mortar and grout in, a mortar trowel for spreading the mortar, a grout float for spreading the grout, a large sponge for cleaning excess grout from the tile surface, tile spacers / levelers, and a rubber mallet for leveling and removing leveling wedges.

Plywood - The plywood is your main countertop support. It provides rigidity to the backerboard and supports the most amount of weight. Cement Backerboard - The backerboard serves as the grip for the mortar and screws to the plywood. If you just had plywood underneath the tile and any water seeped through the grout, the plywood would eventually warp, swell, and likely break the tile above it; backerboard won't do that. We recommend that you cut backerboard to lengths that span from cabinet support to cabinet support so that the backerboard provides even more strength to the counter. Thinset Mortar - Mortar is the adhesive that holds your granite to your backerboard. Mortar is actually a type of concrete. In its most basic form it just portland cement and sand that you then mix with water (just like concrete). You will use a tool called a trowel to spread the mortar onto your backerboard.

The answer is yes. We hear this question most often from people who have existing formica counters. The first thing you need to look at is your backsplash. Can it be removed separate from the countertop? If the answer is yes then the road ahead is fairly easy. Formica tops usually hang over the cabinet by 1-1.5 inches. You need to cut that off so that you have an even 24" deep surface to work with. Set the blade on your circular saw to the thickness of the formica so that you don't damage the cabinets. At that point you'll notice that the formica is a bit thicker than the bullnose can conceal. So you'll need an extra big tile or two and you cut 1.5 - 2" strips of granite. This strips you will attach underneath the bullnose to cover the exposed formica. Because this joint is underneath the bullnose you usually cant see it unless you are underneath the cabinets looking up. As a result it just makes the bullnose look much more rich.

Yes, you can use Lazy Granite for a bathroom vanity top, however keep in mind that the Lazy Tiles are made to fit on a standard 24” deep kitchen cabinet, so depending on the size of your bathroom vanity cabinet, you might have to trim the back of the tiles a bit. Cutting the tiles can be done easily with any standard tile saw!

This is a really broad question that can only be answered with "A lot." We often have customers tell us they were quoted from 3-4 times at a slab fabricator than what they ended up spending with us. Lazy Granite tile is definitely a more economical way of finishing your kitchen countertop.

We do recommend getting a couple of extra tiles, just in case one is cut wrong or breaks during installation. The tiles we recommend getting extras of are ones you will be cutting or handling a lot, like the Lazy Tiles, Bullnose, and Backsplash.

The Sink Kit is made up of 2 of our Lazy Tiles, pre-cut and polished, and the undermount sink. The sink itself is 16 gauge stainless steel and is both insulated and padded. We only offer the cutting for our specific style of undermount sink, but depending on the layout of the sink you have, it may still work. The overall dimensions are 36" x 24". The sink has 2 sides. The left basin measures roughly 16" x 18.5" and the right basin measures roughly 12" x 16".

We usually ship your order within 3 business days. From there is depends on where you live and what carriers go there. A safe bet is to plan on 2 weeks.

The prices shown online do not include any installation costs. Our products are very simple and can usually be installed on your own, or you can hire a local tile guy!

Bullnose Tile - 3"d  x  24"w  (has a 1" overhang along one of the the 24" sides) Lazy Tile - 18"w  x  24"d  (has a 1" overhang along one of the the 18" sides) Ogee Backsplash - 24"w  x  4"h Long Corners - 3"w  x  24"d  (has a 1" overhang along one of the the 24" and 3" sides)

The Sink Kit is made up of 2 of our Lazy Tiles, making the overall dimensions 36" x 24".  It includes the pre-cut granite, and the undermount sink.  The sink itself is 16 gauge stainless steel and is both insulated and padded.  The sink has 2 sides to it.  The left basin measures roughly 16" x 18.5" and the right basin measures roughly 12" x 16".